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fight balance billing

Consumers are receiving balance bills or surprise medical bills after receiving treatment with increasing frequency. These incidents are even more problematic under current economic conditions and the pandemic. Changes in State and Federal laws have reduced the problem.

Some patients become overwhelmed upon receipt of the billing and don’t know where to turn. Others, avoid the bill altogether. Scriptsmartllc is the best resource to implement a plan to determine the best way to resolve all issues.

Fight balance billing discussion continues later this website. Fight balance bills or surprise bills, using a painstaking approach. Contact us at (877) 436-9111 for a productive discussion of your options!

Surprise Medical Bills


Fighting surprise billing from healthcare providers is a growing problem. Consumers who have prepared in advance of a procedure may receive unexpected charges.

Just when consumers reach the break-even point with monthly expenses a change occurs. Insurance no longer covers a critical prescription. The Insurance carrier increased the deductible. You experience a dramatic increase in copay. The family experiences an unexpected household expense.

Fight balance billing and achieve amazing results through ScriptSmart LLC.


The inability to compare prices is often a source of surprise medical bills. Many covered by Medicare fear these bills due to lack of transparency. Concern about surprise bills exceeds rising copays and deductibles.

Hidden prices characterize the healthcare industry. Healthcare is the only industry that fights to hide the consumer cost of doing business. Consumers often don’t have an idea how to react when a surprise bill arrives. It is important to learn how to fight balance billing (surprise billing).

You can’t expect to go to a supermarket and be unable to find out the price of the items. A loaf of bread, a carton of milk, and twelve eggs would not amount to $175 a month later. The insurance company informs you that you received a $100 discount. You would have had to pay $275 otherwise! Because of this, you can’t complain!

Payment with card


Patients covered by insurance encounter balance bills or surprise bills after elective surgery in significant numbers. These procedures often occur with in-network primary surgeons at in-network facilities. Many times, these bills come from surgical assistants or anesthesiologists involved with your temporary care.

Patterns of out-of-network bills vary depending upon the clinical environment. In any event, Anesthesiologist and surgical assistants were the source of these bills.

Fixing a broken healthcare system is not possible right now. Absent proactive steps taken by consumers, things will only get worse. Lack of price transparency only perpetuates inefficiencies in the healthcare delivery network.

The medical lobby promotes mediocrity leading to poor medical outcomes. ScriptSmart LLC enables consumers to lower their out of pocket costs for healthcare. We uncover every beneficial saving for you. You have a right to know about viable options  Every dollar saved is available to pay for education, entertainment, and other priorities.

Planning for savings


Patients with commercial insurance find surprise billing troublesome. 60% of those covered by Medicare say surprise billing is problematic.

The costly practice of balance billing burdens consumers facing rising service fees. HealthLeaders analysis found 33% state out-of-pocket costs was their major concern.

Contact ScriptSmart LLC if your goal is to discover how to fight surprise medical bills. The process may not be easy but doing nothing is not an option.

Healthcare costs in general and prescription costs are skyrocketing. But many options remain available to reduce out of pocket healthcare expenses. Discovery of lower-cost opportunities remain available. We show consumers how to deal with the unexpected, but it requires work. Contact us at (877) 436-9111 and satisfy your curiosity about available options.

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