6 often asked questions by consumers wanting to dispute their medical bill.

negotiate medical bills

you can dispute a medical bill

Many medical bills are subject to negotiation. The negotiation process may be time-summing. But significant savings of out-of-pocket costs are achievable. Patience and being organize are important throughout the process.

We take care of the billing issues for you. Medical billing includes confusing billing codes covering a variety of procedures and services. The terminology is not designed for common usage. We will conduct an analysis of each bill when compared with the appropriate coding.

You must act without delay. We will provide a prompt response on your behalf. Providers are more willing to work with us as your Representative if contacted early. You will also avoid any threat of collections.

Some medical billing disputes are more complex than others. Each dispute is unique. Time is a factor, but getting your dispute resolved is the top priority.

We will act on your behalf with all providers and your insurance company. Coordination of all communications will flow through our office. Providing you with regular updates is part of the how we conduct our business.

We will be in constant discussions with each billing department. Your insurance company is important as well. We will provide you with regular updates on our progress and always remain available to you.

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