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Medical bills

review itemized statements

Our job as a Patient Advocate is to achieve the greatest healthcare savings for our clients. About 80 percent of medical bills contain errors. Coding mistakes and typographical errors cause many discrepancies.

It’s wise to research each bill and compare the charges to your EOB sent by your insurance carrier. A single error can affect your bill by a significant amount.

medical bills

insurance coverage assessment

Health insurance is a complicated industry. The interrelationship between your premium, co-pay, deductible, and coinsurance determines your costs.

A single miscalculation in any area increases your out-of-pocket costs. A denial of your claim is another outcome. We can’t stress the importance of understanding your insurance coverage enough.

The Evidence of Coverage (EOC) and Explanation Of Benefits (EOB) are invaluable tools provided by your insurance company. You’re ahead of the game if you review and understand this information.

patient advocate

negotiate medical debt reduction

The cost-sharing you pay depends upon the doctors, providers, and hospitals treating you. Disputing medical bills, getting errors corrected, and negotiating reduced charges are our priorities.

Erroneous diagnostic or billing codes may distort your medical bills. As your medical bill advocate, we’ll sort things out and negotiate medical bills for you. Physical impairment or mental stress won’t interfere with the process.

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